Parent & child

Looking after a baby is incredibly rewarding, but we all know that it can be tough and stressful too. It’s not easy being super-mum and super-dad when you’ve got busy lives to lead. That’s why we’ve got lots of top baby tech that will help you every day.

So, whether you’re looking to kit out the nursey for the first time or upgrading what you have, you’ll find everything from breast pumps, monitors and mobiles, including everyday essentials and the latest must-haves.

Mealtimes for baby

Bottle feeding lets parents and families share the responsibility of feeding the new baby. And we’ve got everything you need to keep your baby well fed. Look for teats that are comfortable and easy for baby to latch on to – this will help your baby make the transition from breast to bottle feeding, and bottle warmers will help you get the perfect temperature every time! And as your baby grows up and moves to solid food, we have baby food blenders to help with the transition.

We’ve also got a great choice of bottle sterilisers. And whether UV or steam, they can often sterilise lots of bottles at the same time. So, you’ll have hygienic baby bottles in minutes. Leave them in the steriliser and they’ll stay sterile for up to a day.

Breast pumps made for comfort

To help keep a good supply of breast milk, it’s important to pump regularly. We’ve got manual and electric breast pumps that can help with this. And with modes that can both massage and pump, with quiet running and battery life you can depend on, our breast pumps can go with you when you’re on the move. Many have dishwasher safe parts too, so they’re easy to keep clean and sterile.

Bedtime for baby

Whether it’s sleep aids or baby monitor cameras, it’s great to set up your nursery with tech than can both help your baby get that all-important rest and can help you relax too. Baby monitors have come a long way. Now they’re compatible with your phone and you can even speak to your baby or play them lullabies from wherever you are.

Monitoring baby’s temperature

To make sure that your little one is safe and comfortable, we have a selection of baby thermometers. From traditional ones that simply take the baby’s temperature, to special baby room thermometers or baby bath thermometers.