Home Accessories

Our range of home accessories has loads of must-haves that no home should be without - whether you’re powering up your tech with those all-important cables or want to keep your place safe with smart home security tech.

Keep your tech powered up

If you can never find the right cable or adaptor to power your tech, it’s great to get stocked up. HDMI cables let you power up your tech, connect up extra screens and transfer files and music too. And when there are never enough plug sockets available, multi-socket extension leads are always useful to have about. Anyone who works from home will know the feeling!

If your tech is battery powered, we’ve got a wide choice of batteries too. Great for when you want to take your MP3 player, camcorder, camera or portable Bluetooth speaker with you.

Holiday essentials

Off on a trip? Then you’ll want to keep your devices ready to go so you can enjoy every moment of that holiday. Don’t forget to pack universal travel adaptors to keep everything charged up overseas. And cramming everything into that bulging suitcase can be a challenge, which is why a portable vacuum compressor can help you fit more into your luggage. We’ve got a brilliant choice of travel accessories. Don’t leave for the airport without them!

Your home, only smarter

No home is complete without the right smart home tech. One of the great things about smart home tech is that you can control so much of it with your voice and a smart speaker or from your tablet or mobile phone while you are away.

Check who’s at the door with a smart doorbell, keep your place safe when you’re away with smart security and keep your home temperature just the way you like it with a smart heating. And that’s just for starters!