Data Storage

If you need extra data storage space for your laptop, desktop PC, or other device, we’ve got you covered. Our range of data storage options comes in all shapes and sizes, from super-portable USB flash drives you can pop in your pocket, to desktop hard drives than can handle huge amounts of data. No matter how much you want to store – and how portable you need your storage to be - we’ve got the solution you need.

Do I need a desktop or portable hard drive?

The main benefit of a portable hard drive is that you can easily plug it into different computers, and work on the same documents in different locations. This flexibility is perfect for anyone that needs to take work home from the office, or for students who want to continue their coursework in the evening,

If you’re not too bothered about portability and know that you’ll always be working in the same place, you should consider going for a desktop hard drive. The benefits include speed, price, and the protection it gets from being inside your computer. Or If your machine allows for a second internal hard drive to be installed, and you’re happy to take that task on, an internal drive could be right for you.

What is an SSD?

We’ve also got a wide range of SSDs (solid state drives). They’re up to 4x faster than traditional external hard drives and can transfer large files like videos in seconds. Loading times on your installed programmes will be a lot quicker too. They’re also extremely tough with no moving parts prone to damage. Portability is another big plus. Most SSDs are small enough to put into a bag or case, so you can easily take them anywhere.