PC monitors

Looking for a new monitor for your Desktop PC – or even a second screen for your laptop? We’ve got a wide range to choose from, from curved monitors to specialist gaming monitors. And we stock all the major brands, including Samsung, Dell, LG, and Huawei monitors.

What size monitor should I go for?

We’ve got PC monitors in lots of different screen sizes, from under 22'' to 32'' or more. For everyday use, a monitor screen size of 23'' - 26'' or 27'' - 31'' should do you just fine, especially if you normally sit fairly close to your computer and monitor. On the other hand, if you’ll be sitting further back and using your monitor for console gaming or watching movies, you should go for a larger screen. Anything above 32”, including an ultrawide monitor, is great for entertainment.

Monitor resolution in a nutshell

A better resolution means better picture quality. Our monitors begin at 1080p monitors (also known as Full HD), which are sharp enough to enjoy everyday browsing and working on documents. If you’re into gaming and entertainment, we also stock 4K monitors (four times as sharp as Full HD) that let you see tiny details like the texture of clothing in a photo.

Should I get a gaming monitor?

A gaming monitor will give you a display to match your PC, so you can see all the action as intended. There’s also no lag between pressing your controller button and what happens onscreen – so if you’re serious about gaming, they’re well worth considering.

We’ve got lots of dedicated gaming monitors packed with features to make your games (and everything else you watch) look amazing. These include 4K gaming monitors and curved gaming monitors, which are great for marathon sessions as the curve lets you take in more onscreen action without having to look around too much.