Photography Accessories

Got a new camera? Want to take your photography game to the next level? Then check out our range of photography and camera accessories. We’ve got all you need to help you protect your camera, get creative, and start shooting like a pro.

Should I buy a camera bag?

If you’ve just splashed out on a new camera, it’s a good idea to keep it protected from the get-go. Take a look at our camera bags and cases, and go for one with the extra space you might need for lenses, mounts and other photo accessories. If you travel a lot, you might want to consider a camera case that’s compact enough to fit into a train or plane’s overhead compartment.

Do I need a camera memory card?

With a digital camera, you’ll need a memory card (also known as an SD card) to save your photos and videos. Memory cards come in different sizes and formats, so check compatibility with your camera before you choose one.

If you’re going to be shooting 4K video or using burst mode for photos, you’ll need a card with a fast write speed (at least 30mb/sec). The fastest SD cards we sell have a write speed of up to 170mb/sec, so you’re well covered! We’ve also got a range of sizes, from 16GB to a whopping 1TB (1000GB). To put that into perspective, 16GB can hold about 1,500 photos on a standard DSLR camera.

What other camera accessories will I need?

Having a spare camera battery is always a good idea, especially if you’ve got day trips or holidays planned. We’ve got battery chargers too, for some of our most popular cameras.

A camera tripod or monopod is a great tool if your camera doesn’t have image stabilisation, or if you’re shooting long exposures at night. And yes, we’ve also got good old selfie sticks – suitable for compact cameras and smartphones.

We’ve also got all the flashguns and lighting you need for more control when you’re shooting outdoors, and to take studio-quality portraits indoors.

Need any more help? We’re experts on photography and all sorts of other tech. So if you need advice before you buy, check out our camera buying guide.