Which camcorder is best for you?

It’s easier than ever to create professional-looking home movies with a camcorder, and we’ve got a wide range featuring all the top brands. For starters, our affordable traditional camcorders are packed with powerful features including image stabilisation (for blur and shake-free footage) and digital zoom – so you can feel close to the action even when you’ve got to keep your distance. A typical camcorder will also feature more advanced video editing software than cameras in the same price range.

Go 4K, make it all clearer!

4K camcorders are a great choice if you’re looking for super-sharp footage (four times better than Full HD). A 4K camera also opens up lots of powerful editing features, letting you crop in tight on subjects and still get Full HD resolution.

Ready for action?

Action stations! If you’re a sporty or adventurous type and want to record fast-moving action from your own POV, we’ve got action cameras from all the big brands including DJI. Look out for features like slow motion, 4K video, and water-resistance. Use an action camera body mount or head mount to put your camera in prime position, then start shooting unforgettable footage. Or go for a 360 camera to capture all-round action!

Fly high with a drone

Drones with cameras are great fun to fly, and you can capture some incredible aerial footage from them. For smooth action, you’ll want image stabilisation and at least HD recording quality. More advanced features include ‘follow me’, for keeping your subject in the frame, and GPS so you always know where your drone is. Be sure to think about safety first and follow all drone safety regulation from The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).