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Nothing makes your home look cleaner than dust-free, spotless floors. In the old days, that would mean scrubbing on hands and knees, but fortunately we've now got brilliant floorcare tech that makes it easier than ever. If your place could do with a spring clean, why not see what we have.

Vacuum your room

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that means you get all the deeply ingrained dirt and trapped dust on the first go? Look for powerful suction and enough capacity so that you don't have to keep emptying out the bin. We've cleaners that come with loads of different vacuum cleaner accessories, like heads and brushes, so you'll be able to tackle every different floor type – from deep carpets to floorboards.

And there are loads of clever features too – from LCD screens to give you useful info about your vac to anti-tangle brushes that pick-up pet hair without leaving you in a tangle.

We've got everything from upright vacuum cleaners to cylinder vacuum cleaners, from bagged vacuum cleaners to bagless vacuum cleaners - so go with the style that suits you best. You could even leave the work to your tech with a super smart robot vacuum cleaner. Just turn it on and it'll do the rest!

Go cordless

Doing some vacuuming away from the plug socket? Cordless vacuum cleaners are great for large rooms and when you don't want to get wrapped up in a cable. Battery powered or chargeable, you can get cordless vacs that can go for as long as 2 hours on one charge. That's enough time to tackle everywhere in your house, and then some! You'll find lightweight models that are less than 2kg, so you can take them anywhere.

Handheld vacuum cleaners go anywhere

Whether you want to tackle your sofas and chairs, do the stairs or clean out the car, handheld vacuum cleaners can do it all. They're super lightweight and come with all kinds of accessories to take on even the toughest nooks and crannies.

And while run time is typically less than a standard vacuum cleaner, you won't need to use them so often or for so long. And because they're so small, you can keep them in a cupboard or use them as a car vacuum cleaner too.

Take on carpets

Carpets can be a challenge to get clean, but carpet cleaners can take on just about any spill. They're quick to go to work deep into carpet fibres. Large water tanks are great for when you have loads of carpet to tackle and you'll find many have tools that'll make upholstery spotless. Sofa saved!

The power of steam

Got hard floors or tiles? Steam cleaners are designed for dirty jobs. They heat up quickly and their hot steam can remove stubborn stains and leave floors and surfaces spotless and hygienic. They can take care of 99.9% of household bacteria and allergens. And with no harsh chemicals!

Don't forget to check out our Floorcare Buying Guide for more expert help.