Coffee machines

Which coffee machine is right for me?

Discover coffee machines at Currys

Whether you want to take time crafting that perfect cup, or you want great coffee at the touch of a button, we’ve got the perfect coffee machine for you.

Become a barista at home
Want to wow your friends with that coffee shop experience at home? Espresso machines are a great pick. You can go fully manual, including measuring out your coffee, adjusting coffee strength and frothing up your coffee with a steam wand.

For a more automatic experience (but no compromise on quality) Bean to cup coffee machines are a great middle ground. Many of them come with integrated coffee grinders, so you can pour in your fave whole beans and let the machine do the rest.

Touchscreens make creating that cappuccino a breeze and you can set them to have your morning coffee ready and waiting for you. Plus, some models offer pre-set profiles which remember how everyone in the house likes their perfect brew. No more guesswork!

Coffee without the grind
When you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait around, Pod machines are perfect. Pick from hundreds of coffee options, pop in your coffee pod and then just press the button. It’s all done for you. Some pods come with frothy milk included, or you can get a separate milk frother for extra options.

We’ve got some top brands, including Nespresso coffee machines or Dolce Gusto coffee machines, so you can choose from espressos, single-origin blend or flavoured coffee.

Coffee by the jug
If you’re having friends and family round and everybody wants a cup, Filter coffee machines are a reliable choice. Pour in your ground coffee, fill up the tank and get up to 12 cups of coffee in a jug that will stay warm and ready for a top up.

Filter coffee machines have moved with the times, so you’ll find top end machines include features like milk frothers, too.

Smarter coffee
You can even connect up coffee machines to your smart home plugs. So, when you wake up in the morning you can reach for your phone and order your coffee from bed! Or download the accompanying app and figure out your go-to recipe on the go.

Find your perfect blend
Want come help figuring out which kind of coffee machine works for you? Why not get started with our helpful Coffee Machine Buying Guide.