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URBANISTA Headphones - Cheap URBANISTA Headphones Deals | Currys Looking for the best Urbanista headphones deals? At Currys, you'll find our wide collection features the latest over-ear and in-ear models at great prices.
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Discover our range of URBANISTA Headphones

Looking for an entry-level pair of headphones that deliver all the essentials? You're in the right place. Our Urbanista collection offers a great choice of both high-tech earbuds and affordable headphones that are well equipped to tackle most any audio task.

Featuring a comfortable, adjustable design, robust build quality and an array of stylish colourways, Urbanista Bluetooth headphones offer a smart, effortlessly wearable look that will suit any style-conscious listener. And don't think their attractive looks are all they have to offer. These compact, value-packed headphones deliver clear, punchy bass and crisp mids, so you can listen to music the way it was meant to be heard.

Equipped with true wireless technology (which means they're genuinely wired), Urbanista Bluetooth headphone deals give you one less thing to worry about. No tangles. No losing a connection. Just pure wireless listening. Plus, you don't have to whip out your smartphone to answer calls, skip songs or change the volume. Just tap on the earbuds and the job is done.

If you like the idea of true wireless but find yourself frustrated by the limited range and battery life of some earbuds, consider investing in a pair of JBL headphones. These premium headphones feature a long-lasting battery that gives you up to 24 hours per charge, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your favourite tunes without having to pause for a power charge.

As impressive as Urbanista Bluetooth performance is, we know aesthetics matter too. If you want more style options, browse our huge range of headphones that features so many more exciting designs including plenty of best sellers from leading brands like Beats, JBL, Sony and Sennheiser.