Sony Playstation 5

For and by music lovers

From a basic Walkman to the most advanced high-resolution audio, Sony's innovative sound technology gives you a richer, more satisfying listening experience.

Noise cancelling beyond compare

No distracting background noise - just pure, authentic sound. And no annoying cables, either. Lose yourself in the music with Sony's wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

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Sony MDR-1000X Headphones

With industry-leading noise cancellation that provide the best listening no matter where you are, these award-winning headphones let you enjoy your music free from distractions.

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* 1 As of September 1st 2016. According to research by Sony Corporation, measured using JEITA-compliant guidelines. In digital noise cancelling headphones market.

Take music further with EXTRA BASSTM

Take the authentic bass sounds of the club with you wherever you go with the EXTRA BASSTM range.


Smartphone-compatible headphones whose warm bass packs a mighty punch.

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High powered audio system

Powerful speaker systems that provide deep, resounding bass and wide connectivity.

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Wireless speakers

Portable compact speakers that combine formidable sound with long battery life.

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Enjoy your music with wireless home audio

Go wireless and experience a new level of musical freedom.

Wireless Multi-room

SongPal lets you enjoy your music wirelessly in different rooms throughout your home.

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Wireless Surround

Immerse yourself in surround sound by teaming a Sound bar/AV receiver with a pair of wireless speakers.

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Wireless Stereo

Pair two speakers together and enjoy expansive stereo sound.

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Express yourself with the h.ear range

Combine high-resolution audio with bold, distinctive design. Hear your colours!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Blending style and comfort with noise-cancelling technology.

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Portable wireless speaker

Stunning sound meets easy connectivity and total portability.

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In-ear Wireless Headphones

Wireless listening comes with high quality sound and style.

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Explore the world of High-Resolution Audio

Step into the exciting world of high-resolution music and listen to your tracks the way the artists intended.

Premium Headphones

From the deepest bass to soaring vocals, every sound is precise and authentic.

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High-Resolution Audio Player

Top-quality amplifiers and players offer a stunning home listening experience.

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High-Resolution Audio Walkman

The latest variations of the classic portable music players.

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