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The most advanced Steam Mop yet with detachable handheld steamer

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Introducing Shark® Steam Pocket® Technology

Shark® Steam Pocket® Technology

Steam Pocket® technology relies on a combination of Shark's® Super-heated steam system and high-quality micro-fibre. The result is a cleaning solution that is as simple to use as it is effective. Most steam mops offer a single surface for cleaning. However, the Shark® Steam Pocket® has a cleaning head that can be flipped - offering the user twice the cleaning area than that offered by standard steam mops.

Why use a Shark® Steam mop?

In order to minimise the amount of moisture soaked up by the mop's head, Shark® has developed an ingenious steam distribution system that allows the steam to flow evenly across the surface of the mop. This creates a more efficient cleaning system that cuts both the time taken to heat the mop and clean a floor. Less water means fewer stains and marks at the end of the cleaning process, and that is why the Steam Pocket® system is so revolutionary.

Why Use a steam Mop?

Using hot water, a bucket and a mop to clean a floor takes a great deal of time and effort. It also relies on the use of potentially harmful cleaning agents. However, using just the right amount of heat and steam to clean the floors in your home will leave no annoying marks and residues which can look unsightly and create slipping hazards.

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The Shark® Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket® Mop

The Shark® 2-in-1 Lift-Away steam Pocket® mop not only keeps floors very clean but at the press of a button, it converts into a detachable handheld steam cleaner for cleaning around the home too. Clean and sanitise almost anywhere, from floors to ceiling. Intelligent steam control ensures your chosen steam setting is maintained automatically, with no need to hold a button down. Switch functions in seconds, with 3 settings for dust, mopping and scrubbing. Dual-sided microfibre pockets fit easily on the rectangular mop heads.

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