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A semi-integrated dishwasher is designed to be almost completely hidden by your kitchen unit, with the top control panel visible and the rest behind the unit to give a seamless and practical finish.

Semi-integrated dishwashers come in a variety of sizes, from small models ideal for a flat to large ones which are perfect for the family home. The panel being visible at the top, rather than hidden away behind the door, means a semi-integrated dishwasher is easy to use and gives you the ability to quickly glance at the display to see how long a cycle has left without having to open the door.

The big advantage with the latest models is how economically friendly they can be too, with A and A+ energy ratings common. Water usage can be very low as well, starting at around 6.5 litres on the smaller models up to a very reasonable 12 or so litres on the larger family options. If you live in a contained space where noise is a concern, you can also see the decibel rating in the product specifications to choose one that won’t disturb you if your bedroom is nearby.

So whether you live in a sprawling family home or a small city flat, semi-integrated dishwashers offer a good option when it comes to keeping your kitchen looking slick and having the practicality you’ll need.

Check out our amazing range of semi integrated dishwashers from great brands such as Miele , Neff, Bosch and many more.

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