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Our Logitech headsets will instantly transform your gaming world. Combining crystal-clarity headphones with studio-quality microphones, these headsets deliver a truly immersive gaming experience. Noise cancelling means there’s no more intrusive background noise, so you can fully concentrate on the gameplay. Whatever kind of gaming you love, from MMO to eSports, you’ll find a Logitech headset that’s been specifically designed to enhance your game.

Designed to be different from standard headsets, as well as other gaming headsets, Logitech headsets are exceptionally lightweight. Ultra-soft ear padding also adds to the comfort, so you can play for longer without feeling any discomfort. Fully compatible with a wide range of devices and consoles, including PC Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3, you have the option of wired and wireless headsets. Wireless headsets give you extra freedom of movement and ensure your gaming is never restricted. Also compatible with Skype and with handy in-line volume control, you can use these headsets for more than just gaming.

You can finally say goodbye to background noise thanks to Logitech’s active noise-cancelling capabilities, enabling you to hear more audio detail within the game and avoid outside distractions. The Artemis Spectrum range features a retractable boom mic so you can chat to friends and others gamers while you play, as well as a secondary in-line mic that makes it ideal for use with mobile devices. This means you can answer calls with ease while you're gaming, without the need to pause any of the action. Adjustable LED lighting also lets you choose from 16.8 million colours so you can customise colours to match your personalised gaming rig.

Logitech headsets are just one tool you can use to intensify your gaming world. Take a look at our wider bluetooth headset, gaming headset, VR and gaming controller ranges for even more ways to enhance your gaming.

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