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A leading name in computing and gaming, you’ll find a Logitech gaming mouse to suit every PC and Mac user when you browse our extensive selection. Whether you’re a MMO, eSports, MOBA or first person shooter fan, Logitech has produced a stunning range of ultra-responsive gaming mice to help you find the perfect fit for your gaming style.

Choose from a selection of wired and wireless Logitech gaming mice to give you the freedom of movement that you need. These mice offer enhanced precision and responsiveness on every surface, comfortable grip styles for long haul play, and a selection of finishes, and fully customisable LED lighting patterns.

The Logitech gaming mouse range is specifically designed for the rapid clicks and the lightning fast movements modern gaming demands. These mice are lighter and lower latency, and use ultra-responsive sensors to keep up with the slightest of hand gestures. Supporting higher CPI settings, they come with software that allow for better customisation, allowing you to adjust mice lighting to complement your gaming setup, create custom macros, and more.

Enhance your computer entertainment experience even further with our full range of gaming mice and accessories, including Mad Catz gaming mice and gaming surfaces.

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