Irons buying guide

Find your perfect iron

Whether it’s getting through family-sized laundry loads or keeping essential work items looking smart, the right iron can save you time and hassle.

Our iron buying guide will help you find the one that suits your household and lifestyle. Find out about the different types of iron available, with buying tips to help you make your choice.

Traditional steam irons

Ideal for everyday ironing.

Is the type of soleplate important?
Is steam output important?
Which other features should I consider?

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Steam generator irons

Best for large laundry loads - cut your ironing time in half.

What is a steam generator iron?
What is bar pressure?
Does the size of the water tank matter?
What is auto shut-off?

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Jargon buster
Auto shut-off
Bar pressure
Continuous fill
Cord length
Steam output
Vertical steam

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