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An integrated tumble dryer offers a practical solution to your laundry needs, slotting into a kitchen unit and easily hidden away before, during and after use.

If your home isn’t palatial enough to have its own laundry room then you’re likely to have your washer and dryer in the kitchen. In keeping with the rest of the kitchen, the best way to store your dryer is in a kitchen unit of its own, tucked away from sight. Built-in tumble dryers have come down in price significantly in the past few years, and you can now pick one up for under the £200 mark. Manufacturers have also done away with the large hoses of past models, and most now are vented for ease of use.

If cost is a factor then you’ll also want to check out the energy consumption and energy rating too. Anything too wasteful could end up costing you dearly in bills, so do ensure you purchase a model with a good rating, and you can also sometimes see a guideline amount of KWH (kilowatt hours) per year, meaning you can work our how much your built in tumble dryer will cost to run annually. If you regularly dry an array of laundry, from tablecloths and sheets to everyday clothes, you can look around for a model which has specific settings. Some settings will, for example, spin at a slower rate so that your laundry doesn’t become as creased and ironing afterwards doesn’t become necessary.

Whether you do laundry on a daily basis or want the option for the occasional load, an integrated tumble dryer is a worthwhile purchase.

See our great range of integrated tumble dryers from brands including Baumatic and White Knight.

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