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The latest fridges and freezers include a host of features to make your life easy, keep your food fresh, and save on energy. Whether it’s a multi-door fridge freezer, tall fridge or deep chest freezer, our range means there’s no need to compromise on design or usability.

Check the contents of your fridge when you’re at the supermarket with a Smart WiFi fridge, plus look out for food preservation technology which keeps groceries fresher for longer. An adjustable temperature compartment can provide extra chilling or freezing space when you need it, while water and ice dispensers are great when entertaining.

Discover the products 'our experts love' or browse by your favourite brand, picking out the features you need most.

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  • Take a fresh look at what a fridge can do

    Samung's Family Hub™ Fridge Freezer will transform how you manage your food, connect with your family and entertain in your kitchen.

    Built-in cameras let you see what's inside your fridge so you can check what you have while you're out and about. Send reminders on the go and keep on top of everyone's schedules using the shared calendar, while keeping everyone entertained with TV mirroring and built-in speakers, perfect for streaming your favourite music.

Samsung Family Hub Samsung Family Hub Samsung Family Hub

Things to consider when buying a fridge or freezer

Frost free

Frost free technology ensures that you won’t need to defrost your freezer, and that your food won’t be damaged.

Fast chill

A convenient feature that lets you quickly chill your weekly shop to keep your food fresher for longer.


Innovations in design mean that internal capacity can vary greatly, even between fridge freezers of the same external size.

Energy rating

Our dishwashers are rated from A to A+++ depending on electricity and water consumption. The most energy efficient machines can cost as little as 37p per cycle to run. You also can reduce your energy costs by using our Energy Saver.

Food freshness

Some models offer great features that keep your groceries fresher for longer to avoid wasting food and money.

Extended guarantee

All products come with a minimum 1 year guarantee, but some manufacturers offer extended guarantees. Where you see this logo, the guarantee period is extended to the number of years indicated. For added peace of mind, ask about our Kit Insurance.

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Holiday mode

While you’re away, the fridge will remain at an economical temperature and keep the freezer on.

Open door alarm

An open door alarm will alert you when the door is left open, helping you avoid wasted energy and spoiled food.

Temperature warning

If the internal temperature increases above safe levels, models with a temperature warning will alert you.

LED lighting

Some models feature internal LED lighting, which is brighter and more energy efficient than standard bulbs.

Wine racks

A wine rack is a feature of some refrigerators, offering you a stylish solution to store your wine.

Storage flexibility

Organise your food with specially designed storage features such as wine racks, dairy compartments and split shelves to make the most of the space inside.

Fast freeze

A function that lets you rapidly freeze your groceries to lock in nutrients and protect existing frozen food in your freezer.

Water & ice

A water and ice dispenser gives you cold water on tap or ice cubes on command. Some models can also dispense carbonated water and crushed ice.


Choose a plumbed refrigerator for a constant supply of water and ice, or a non-plumbed model for freedom of placement in your kitchen.