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Choosing the right washing machine, tumble dryer or washer dryer is a big decision, depending on how much washing you do, how much space you have and which features are important to you.

Separate washing machines and tumble dryers give you maximum capacity, whilst washer dryers give you the full laundry solution without taking up too much space, and they all come in freestanding and integrated versions.

Whether you already know what you are looking for or want to learn more about the key features to look out for, we can help you find the right laundry appliances for your home. Explore our range, discover the products 'our experts love' or browse by your favourite brand, picking out the features you really need.

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Things to consider when buying a washing machine or washer dryer


Washing machines are now available with larger capacities than ever before. They range from a standard 5 kg up to a huge 12 kg, allowing you to wash more in one go. 1 kg is roughly equivalent to one outfit – a pair of trousers, a top, underwear and socks.

Spin speed

Spin speeds vary from 1000 to 1600 rpm (revolutions per minute). Faster spin speeds leave clothes drier after a wash and reduces drying time.

Noise level

Noise levels range from 47 dB(A) to 67 dB(A). An operating noise under 50 dB(A) is similar to the hum of a refrigerator.


All of our machines are rated from A to A+++ depending on electricity consumption and water usage.

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Quick wash

This feature allows you to wash a small load quickly. Some machines will wash a lightly soiled reduced load I as little as 14 minutes.

Latest technology

Some machines offer advanced features such as direct drive/inverter motors for quieter performance and prolonged life, and steam programmes which remove all traces of allergens and make ironing easier.

Things to consider when buying a tumble dryer


Tumble dryers are available in a range of capacities from 3 kg to 9 kg. 1 kg is roughly equivalent to one outfit – a pair of trousers, a top, underwear and socks.


Vented dryers vent warm, air through a plastic hose (sometimes supplied) to prevent condensation. A permanent vent can be fitted in an outside wall or you can hang the hose out of a window.


Condenser dryers remove moist air from the drum and cool it inside the machine. The water is collected in a tank which you need to empty when it’s full. Condenser dryers can be placed anywhere in your home as they do not need a vent.

Heat pump

Dryers with heat pump technology are the most energy efficient. They use a lower drying temperature, saving energy and maximising drying performance. They are gentle on fabrics and really quiet.

Latest technology

Some machines now offer advanced features such as sensor drying, which stops the cycle when clothes are dry. Sensor drying saves time and reduces energy consumption.


All of our machines are rated from C to the most energy efficent A+++ depending on electricity consumption.

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