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No kitchen is complete without a good hob! Much of your day-to-day cooking is done using one, after all, so you want to find one that caters for your needs, be this speed, energy efficiency, safety or otherwise. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current hob or you’re putting together your perfect fitted kitchen, a new hob is the ideal way to ensure home cooking is fast and convenient, no matter what’s on the menu.

Like some of the best things in life, hobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering you plenty of choice about what will go well with your kitchen, matches your oven and works best for you. Our hob range includes a selection of different models from reputable brands, so whether you’d like a NEFF hob or one from Bosch, you’re sure to find one that fits the bill! When deciding on a hob, you’ll probably have to select from four main types of gas and electric hobs: gas, solid plate, ceramic and induction. Each of them offer their own unique benefits, so which one should you go for? Here’s some food for thought!

Gas hobs are incredibly popular with professional chefs, as they heat up quickly. So, if you’re often in a rush, this type may work for you! Opt for a classic 4-burner, or a 5-burner if you’ve regularly got lots of pans on the go. Unlike gas hobs, solid plate models are electric and work by heating up the metal plates. They often come in at the lower end of the price range, ideal if you’re on a budget. Ceramic hobs use electricity too, using power to heat up elements under a smooth glass surface. They’re popular for their sleek appearance! And finally, an induction hob is another electric option, using power to create a magnetic field that heats just the pan, making them energy efficient and safe to use.

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