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Cooking plays a large part in everyone’s life and no matter how accomplished you are in the kitchen, finding the right appliance depends on how you like to cook.

Think about the space you have and choose between freestanding and built-in appliances – explore all the options from microwaves and domino hobs to freestanding range cookers. Look out for handy features like easy-clean oven linings and hob lids, and don’t forget the all-important accessories like pans and spatulas.

We have hundreds of cookers and ovens in stock and available for fast delivery and expert installation.  Please note you will need to source your own qualified Gas Installer to install any gas appliances. 

If you still aren’t sure what’s right for you, read our buying guide to learn more about the different types of cooking appliances you might like.

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Things to consider when buying a cooking appliance

Freestanding or Built-in

The first decision to make is whether you want a freestanding cooker to fit into a space between kitchen units or you would prefer a built-in oven and hob to fit in with your integrated kitchen layout.

Once you have decided, you can start to look at the various types and sizes of cooker, hob and oven, the fuel source that best suits your home and the accessories to match.


Whether integrated or freestanding, cooking appliances come in a variety of sizes. Make sure you measure the space you have and don't forget to take the space around the cooker, known as the recess, into consideration before buying. Also remember to remove obstructions like wallpaper, plugs or cupboards that might get in the way.

Fuel type

Pick the most suitable fuel for your kitchen and cooking. If you aren’t redesigning your home, your existing fuel supply will influence the type of cooker you can choose, and each fuel type brings different benefits to your kitchen. It is best to check before you start.

How the oven cooks

Not all ovens are the same; some have a range of functions designed specifically for certain styles of cooking while others provide a simpler approach. The type of cooking you do should help to steer you towards the right model that is best suited to your style.

How to clean your oven

Keeping your cooking appliances clean and hygienic after use is important but can be time consuming. There are various options that can make life easier when it comes to oven cleaning, the main three are easy-clean enamel liners, catalytic liners and pyrolytic. Learn more about how they work in our buying guide.

How the hob cooks

Hobs work in different ways and some are more suited to certain styles of cooking than others. How you cook and your existing fuel type can play a part in deciding the best type of hob for you. Decide between gas, electric solid plate, electric ceramic and electric induction hobs. Read our buying guide to find out more about all of them and find your ideal hob.