HOOVER Cylinder vacuum cleaners

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The original vacuum cleaner brand continues to produce some of the smartest, most effective vacuums on the market. Our range of Hoover vacuum cleaners showcases exactly why the brand is synonymous with vacuum cleaning. Whether you’re looking for a brilliantly lightweight handheld Hoover, a bagless cylinder vacuum or powerful upright model, in our selection of Hoover vacuums there's one for you.

Browse our complete collection of vacuum cleaners to see the latest cylinder vacuums and Dyson vacuum cleaners.

The first Dyson Vacuum Cleaner was released in Britain in 1995 and over 20 years later, their bagless machines remain at the forefront of cleaning technology. We have the latest Dyson models in stock.

The Dyson range includes something for every type of home, mini handheld cleaners, to cylinder models and their latest upright offering, which includes their patented Ball steering technology that enables you to manoeuvre around the home with ease.

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