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The original fat draining grill, George Foreman grills were originally brought to the world by heavyweight boxing champion turned kitchenware innovator George Foreman in the 90s. It’s testament to the concept’s enduring effectiveness that the George Foreman grill collection remains such a strong brand to this day. If anything, George Foreman grills have gone from strength to strength in recent years, expanding the range to accommodate a variety of sizes and different levels of functionality, while retaining the all-important central technology.

The key feature of these easy to use grills, apart from the fact that they deliver beautifully cooked results with minimal effort, is their ingenious fat draining technology. It’s a simple but effective system - the angled grill channels fat and grease into the removable drip tray, while the two plates grill from both sides for faster cooking. The result is a swift grilling process that removes up to 42% fat from your food. Perfect if you’re trying to eat more healthily without necessarily sacrificing the food you most enjoy.

George Foreman grills like the hugely popular 19932 Entertaining Grill enhance the classic model with new features like a cleverly designed floating hinge, which allows the grill top to move more freely – ideal for big juicy steaks or more generous portions. An adjustable rear foot for flat or angled cooking, and non-stick plates for easy cleaning, further enhance everyday usability.

Our collection of grills includes the latest offerings from all the leading brands. Explore our complete range to browse Sage, Tower and Russel Hobbs grills and make sure you see our Tefal grills before you make your choice.  

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