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Garmin is the brand many of us turn to first for automotive electronics, and the Garmin Dash Cam line lives up to the brand’s stellar reputation for quality, affordability, and trouble-free service.

These compact Garmin Dash Cams can be mounted to your windshield to offer a full and an unobstructed field of view without blocking the all-important line of sight from the driver’s position.

The fact is, dash cams are increasingly necessary on today’s roads, and they're often the only thing that can prevent a traffic accident from devolving into a muddled “he said, she said” of contrary accusations. If there is a continuous video recording of what happens when you drive, you're in a much better position if there is an incident.

Our range of Garmin Dash Cams feature Full HD filming and wide-angle lenses so you get a clear view of the road ahead in bright and low-light conditions. These dash cams also come with an automatic G sensor, so if an incident is detected the camera will lock the current, last and next recordings to make sure all footage is protected. Higher end models are also GPS-enabled, so you’ll know exactly when and where events occurred.

We offer an excellent selection of dash cams, so take a look at our full dash cam range to find one that best suits you. We have all the top brands in our range, including Transcend, Rac, Mio, Vivitar, and Nextbase dash cams.

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