Floorcare buying guide

Which floorcare is right for you?

However and whenever you like to clean your home, there are many things to consider when working out which cleaner is right for you and the surfaces in your home.

If you have a large house, consider a traditional upright vacuum with a large capacity, or if you have a smaller home, consider a compact upright or a cylinder. Cordless vacuums are great for quick daily cleans, in your house or car, and can work in partnership with your main vacuum cleaner. For a deeper clean think about a carpet washer for your carpets and a steam cleaner for your hard floors.


Small, compact and perfect for a quick clean or for cleaning a small area, Cordless vacuum cleaners are light and battery powered, so you can use them almost anywhere.

How long do cordless vacuums last?
Do cordless vacuums have less capacity than other vacuums?
What does the voltage of a cordless vacuum mean?
Are cordless vacuums good at picking up pet hair?
What tools are included with cordless vacuums?

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Uprights are best for cleaning homes that predominantly feature carpet, as a brush combs the carpet pile to lift trodden in dirt. Uprights may be more suitable for those with lower back pain, as less bending down is required than with cylinders and some models are extremely maneuverable with easy steering.

What is the difference between bagged and bagless?
How is the performance of the upright?
Are uprights good for pet hair?
How good is the maneuverability?
What is the capacity of an upright?

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Cylinder vacuum cleaners are usually smaller and lighter than uprights, making them ideal for use in smaller homes. They can be easier to manoeuvre around your home and store when you're not using it. These vacuums can be used on carpets, hard floors and stairs, and can often clean harder to reach places easier than other vacuum cleaners.

What is the difference between bagged and bagless?
How is the performance of a cylinder?
Are cylinders good for people with pets?
How is the maneuverability of a cylinder?
What is the capacity of a cylinder?

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Steam cleaners are multi-purpose appliances that provide hygienic cleaning by using steam to remove dirt and stains from carpets, tiles, hard surface floors, ovens, windows, clothes and upholstery. They do not require detergent, which makes it kinder to the environment, but require time to heat up to produce steam, and need to be refilled with water during use. You can choose between cylinder steam cleaners, handheld steam cleaners and steam mops, which each have their own advantages.

What is the difference between a mop and a cleaner?
What is the water capacity of steam cleaners?
What is the steam time?
What is the heating time of a steam cleaner?
Are the mop pads washable?

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Carpet washers

Carpet washers clean your carpets using a detergent cleaning solution. Using a carpet washer helps to reduce the appearance of stains and break down ground-in and embedded dirt that builds up in the carpet pile. Using a carpet washer can leave your carpets up to ten times cleaner than vacuuming, and can be dry enough to walk on in two to three hours.

What is the performance of a carpet washer?
What is the capacity of a carpet washer?
How is the heat controlled?
Will I need to buy detergent and which detergent should I buy?

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