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Take the hassle out of cleaning with Dyson’s Robot Vacuum, which navigates around your home using unique 360 degree vision. By identifying key features in each room, Robot Vacuums continuously keep track of where they are in relation items in your room, so that they always know where have already been cleaned and where they need to go.

Suitable for cleaning a variety of floor types and able to roll over any changes in floor height, Dyson’s Robot Vacuum has tank-like tracks and requires no assistance as it makes its way around your home.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the robot vacuum will return to its charging base when it’s low on power, and then head straight back to where it left off.

If you want the Robot Vacuum to clean while you’re out, the Dyson Link app offers the ability to control and schedule cleaning – perfect for busy lifestyles.

Featuring a powerful motor and full width cleaner head, the 360 Eye Robot Vacuum has the same high quality cleaning power that you would expect from any Dyson vacuum cleaner.

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