DYSON Cylinder vacuum cleaners

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Cylinder vacuum cleaners are easy to move around your home with a compact yet high performance design. Allowing you to get rid of dust, debris, hair and fur, Dyson’s Cylinder vacuum range includes the powerful Big Ball models, as well as the versatile Multifloor vacuums.

Featuring Dyson’s famous Ball technology, every Cylinder vacuum has a low centre of gravity and a central steering mechanism. This means that the vacuum will follow you accurately and won’t topple over. All of the key components are housed inside the ball, providing extra weight and stability to the design.

Dyson Cylinder vacuums are easy to empty with a push-button system that gets rid of dust and dirt without mess – all you have to do is hold the dust compartment over the bin.

Featuring Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology, you can efficient cleaning and the reduction of bacteria and allergens. The entire system is also completely sealed so that no dirty air escapes while you’re cleaning.

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