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Dyson are well known for their superior product quality and attractive design, and the range of Dyson heaters do not disappoint. With slick design and great functionality, they’re a welcome addition to any home or office.

Each Dyson heater has the unique feature of being totally bladeless, with air being drawn in and pushed out at a variety of speed options, powered by intelligent Air Multiplier technology, now with jet focus. The Hot + Cool AM09 is perfect for both winter and summer, as it offers both heating and cooling options, with an adjustable temperature setting enabling you to precisely control how warm or cool you want your environment to be.

Another great benefit of the Dyson heaters is portability, each coming in a lightweight design making it easy to move it around your office or home for ultimate comfort. Safety is also paramount, with no visible heating elements, and an automatic cut-off should it be knocked over. You can also use the self timer if you wish to operate your heater for a certain period, making it perfect for bedtimes and cold mornings.

If you’re looking for a more traditional heater, then take a look at our collection of Dimplex heaters, ranging from simple fan models, to large portable radiators. Our Delonghi Heaters offer great affordability, with ceramic fan models available for under £50 and larger radiator style options too.

Whether you’re looking for the coolest Dyson heater in town or a simple fan heater, our range has something for everyone.

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