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Whether you want to scan stacks of documents, business cards or just the occasional single sheet, we have document scanners to handle your tasks with ease. Our scanner range includes portable scanners for business on the move, and the latest products from Brother, Canon and Epsom.

Ensure your scanned documents are of the highest quality with document scanners with optical resolutions of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. You’ll be able to scan documents without missing any detail, no matter how fine the small print, and ensure that illustrations and text are crisp and clear. Our compact portable scanners also mean that you can take this high-quality scanning capability with you on the go.

Portable document scanners fit neatly into a briefcase or laptop bag and can be simply attached to your laptop or any computer using a USB connection. Just plug in and your scanner is ready to go. With superfast scanning capabilities, you won’t be left waiting or long, no matter how big the scanning job. Our Brother document scanner range scans an A4 page in as little as 8 seconds. You also save time with one-touch scanning, which means you don't have to spend ages setting it up before you start.

Once you’ve scanned your documents you can convert them to digital copies in moments, perfect for emailing and sharing documents or backing up your files in no time. For contracts, letters, business cards and more, our scanners include software for both Windows PC and Mac so no matter who you’re doing business with, you’re always prepared.

For scanners that are capable of handling larger images and photos and produce stunning results, see our full scanner range that includes specialist photo scanners. If you’re looking for print solutions too, see all of our printers that combine scanning and fax facilities in one compact unit.

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