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I want to improve the internet speed at home I have an unstable connection at points around my house I have an old computer and want to make the most of my new router I want to control the technology in my home using my smartphone, tablet and PC

About Whole Home WiFi

Whole Home WiFi

A strong and stable WiFi connection is essential for modern life. Everyone wants reliable WiFi access that will work without any intervention, because we’ve all experienced the pain of losing connectivity.

It’s easy to feel like you’re out of your depth if something starts to go wrong with your internet access. Networking upgrades can often seem daunting, but Whole Home WiFi couldn’t be easier to set up and use – the entire thing is done from an app.

Whole Home WiFi comes with WiFi roaming, so that you are always connected to the fastest signal available. As you move around the house, your device will automatically be transferred to the strongest WiFi connection – something routers and range extenders aren’t capable of.

Normal WiFi Routers
Whole Home WiFi

Introducing Whole Home WiFi

How it works

  • A Whole Home WiFi system is made up of multiple ‘units’, which need to be dotted around your home to spread fast and reliable WiFi wherever you are.
  • Setting up and controlling your Whole Home system couldn’t be easier – simply install the setup app on your smartphone or tablet and it will take you through every step.
  • Never lose WiFi access in your home, smart roaming features make sure you’ll always have the best connection no matter where you are in your home.

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Frequently asked questions about Whole Home WiFi

In today’s modern home it’s important that we’re well connected. From tablets and TVs to smartphones and consoles, we rely on our internet connection for more than we may think. So it’s vital that we have a connection that’s fast, reliable and wide-reaching.

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