Mouse mats

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Mouse mats deliver smoother mouse performance, protect your work surface, prevent discomfort and wrist strain, and they can add a touch of colour and fun to your work or gaming space too.

For complex tasks like gaming or designing, the more accurate and quick a mouse is the better. A mouse mat provides a reliably flat, smooth and comfortable surface to work on, allowing your mouse to glide and perform at its best. Modern optical mice can have trouble with certain patterns and materials, but a mouse mat solves that problem by providing a consistent, easy-to-read surface for image sensors.

A non-slip rubber backing keeps the mouse mat in place, while some mats feature convenient and comfortable cushioning for your wrist, promoting better hand position and giving it a place to rest. Gaming-specific pads like Razer mouse mats are designed to enhance your gaming performance, with smooth speed surfaces or precise control surfaces that give you a reliable, uniform and portable place to play, anywhere.

Whether it’s for work or for precision gaming, a mouse mat makes things more comfortable. Check out our range of laser and optical computer mice for the smoothest performance.

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