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Sage coffee machines

The experts at Sage understand what makes great coffee.

Rich, full flavour. Perfectly balanced taste. Irresistible body. And a silky, velvety mouthfeel.

That’s the Sage “4 Keys Formula” for perfect café style coffee at home.

Bean to cup coffee machines

Barista-style coffee at the touch of a button.

You control every step, from the choice of coffee beans, the temperature of the water and the strength of the blend.

It’s your coffee, the way you want it, every time.

Espresso coffee machines

These easy-to-use coffee machines are among the most popular in the world.

Use your choice of freshly-ground coffee.

Steam wands make your coffee machine even more versatile, letting you make delicious cappuccinos, lattes and more.

Filter coffee machines

A filter coffee machine lets you wake up to the smell of a fresh cup.

You can brew enough to share with everyone -- or a day’s supply for yourself! Your filter coffee machine will keep it warm and ready for whenever you need a pick-me-up.

They’re perfect for Americano-style drinks and easy to maintain too.

Pod coffee machines

The most convenient coffee machines.

They use vacuum-sealed pods with a perfect one-cup serving of delicious coffee. Pods come in a huge variety of blends and flavours. They can even cater to tea and hot chocolate drinkers.

Best of all, there’s no bean grinding, no loose coffee grounds and no mess. Just quick, delicious coffee every time.

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