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For easy hard-copy storage of your files, photos, videos, movies, applications and more, CDs are fast, familiar and affordable. Whether you want to share files or create physical back-ups to protect your data our extensive range of blank CDs comes in a variety of speeds and pack sizes to suit your needs. From occasional one-off jobs to regular, high-volume CD burning, you’ll save with our multipacks and CD deals.

CD burning is quicker than ever with our 52x speed CDs. Capable of burning 700MB of data or 80 minutes of music in only two minutes, you’ll have reliable copies in no time. CDs provide a simple way to share large files and are compatible with most devices for hassle-free file sharing. Cheap and cheerful, you can burn files and create back-ups in seconds.

Opt for re-writable CDs and you’ll be able to burn files again and again on the same disc. This means even better value for money and helps save on space and product wastage. CDs are available as individual discs in protective jewel cases, in multipacks with hard cases, or in economical bumper spindle packs that are perfect for high-volume jobs. In packs of 10 to 100, our cheap multipacks help you save.

Our thermal-printable CDs allow you to print your own designs on the disc surface. Our Verbatim CDs offer superior resistance to UV irradiation and an archival life of up to 100 years, so you can store your data safe in the knowledge that it will remain safe for decades without deterioration. Verbatim’s strict mechanical specifications also mean that its discs are highly compatible with a broad range of drives, running at a range of speeds. This makes them ideal for sharing data, videos, photos, music and more.

For greater hard-copy storage capacity, see our range of DVD discs, and for simple and secure storage for large amounts of data without taking up any physical space, take a look at our cloud data storage packages.

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