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Whilst digital photography has made huge advances in recent years, many of the world’s best professional photographers still use traditional camera film to capture the sharpest and most vivid imagery. A host of amateur and aspiring photographers have followed suit, enjoying the elegance of the analogue, chemical process which allows them to create images which they can hold in their hands, and display with real pride.

The key to capturing the best images is choosing the right film. Different types have different sensitivities and exposure times, so make sure the camera film you buy is not only the right type for your camera, but the right type for the kind of photos you intend to take. Most film photographers travel with several different types of film, so that they can respond to the images life gives them on a moment’s notice.

Currys is proud to stock camera film produced with care by brands like Fujifilm, Canon, Kodak and many others.

Of course, you need more than the right camera film to take that once in a lifetime photo. We stock a full range of cameras, plus accessories such as lenses, lens filters, tripods and much more.

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