Printing buying guide

There’s a printer that can bring your pictures, files and ideas to life quickly and easily.

Printing technology has developed considerably in recent years, so if you want to upgrade an older model or you’re getting started in home printing, you might be amazed at the exciting new features on modern printers.

We’ve created this guide to help you learn more about the most important things to consider when buying a printer, and to help you find the one that best meets your needs.

Type of printer

There are several different types of printers to suit different needs, uses and people. Whether you’re a student, business user, photographer, or simply need to print the odd ticket or family photo, we have a printer that will work for you.

What are inkjet printers?
What are laser printers?
What are all in one printers?
What are 3D printers?
I am a student, what printer should I buy?
I am a business user, what printer should I buy?
I want to print professional looking photos, what printer should I buy?

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Wireless printing

Wireless printing enables you to print documents from your computer, without the need to connect your PC and printer with a cable. As a result, you'll be able to print from anywhere in your home, allowing the entire family to share a single printer, so you’ll save money and reduce clutter.

Can I print from my Android device?
Can I print from my iOS device?

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It is important to consider ink when purchasing a printer, as often a cheaper printer requires more expensive ink and vice-versa. There are also a handful of different ways to top up your printer with ink that can make printing easier and save you money.

What is HP Instant Ink?
What is Epson EcoTank?
Inkjet vs laser
Block vs individual ink
Multipack and combination ink packs
XL & XXL ink packs
Page yield

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Jargon buster
Wireless printing
WiFi Direct/Wireless Direct
Apple Airprint
Google Cloud print
Email printing
Print quality DPI
Print speed
Monochrome printer
Paper size
Double sided print
ADF feeder
Memory card slot
How much battery life do I need?
HP Instant Ink
Epson Ecotank

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