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What is a self cleaning oven? What size oven is best for me? What are you using your oven for? Unlock your inner chef – Consider 2in1 ovens & food sensors Love cooking but hate cleaning – learn about assisted and auto cleaning The perfect pair, what hob is best for me? What is induction?

Whether you’re looking for a single or double oven, a gas or electric hob, a washing machine or a dishwasher, we have over 1000 built-in appliances that’ll fit right into your kitchen. From large ovens with plenty of space for big dinners to induction hobs, we can help you make tasty meals for your family and friends. And with our range of fridge freezers, you'll have somewhere you can store leftovers too.

Don’t worry about getting your large kitchen appliance home, our delivery service will bring it straight to your front door. And if you need a bit of a hand plugging it in, we’ve got expert installation at great prices – all available nationwide.