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Truly perfect baking and roasting requires not only the ideal temperature, but also the appropriate heating mode. From 4D Hotair to Hotair Eco, Bosch Serie 8 ovens offer up to 15 heating modes that deliver great results, whatever the dish.

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Bosch Cooking

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Cooking with induction

Induction hobs use an electromagnetic field to instantly generate heat, giving you control and responsiveness , whilst being incredibly energy efficient. Heat is only applied where it is required: in the pan. Power management. Bosch research shows that households generally use only one or two zones together for meals. The Plug and Play hob has a maximum power output of 2.99kW and comes complete with a cable and suitable fused UK plug for quick and easy connection to your electrical system*.

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Now you’re cooking on gas

Professional performance, stunning good looks and ultimate control. A gas hob delivers instant heat and is easy to adjust and control. With a selection of widths and finishes to choose from, a gas hob can add as much stylish elegance as practical functionality to any kitchen.

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