AEG Kitchen Appliances


About AEG

Founded in 1887, AEG is renowned for its pioneering electrical engineering, design and precision.

AEG stands for excellence in performance and German engineering. It’s why each product is developed with design and functionality in mind. AEG appliances bring modern kitchen and laundry design to the fore with the latest cooking, chilling and cleaning technologies to make your life easier.

Each AEG washing machine, fridge freezer, oven or any AEG product is refined to the finest detail. Build a smart and sophisticated kitchen with our range of AEG kitchen appliances. 

Discover the AEG Laundry Range


Discover more ways to care for your fabrics with the AEG laundry series

Discover the AEG Cooking Range


Become a better cook with AEG’s premium range of cooking products designed to help you cook with more control and unleash the flavour of your food.


Discover the AEG Cooling Range


AEG’s range of cooling products keep your ingredients in the best condition for better tasting dishes. Fruit and vegetables taste as fresh as the day they were picked. Meat stays juicy and tender, and leftovers taste just as delicious as a freshly prepared meal.

Discover the AEG Floorcare Range


Enjoy effortless cleaning on any surface with an AEG cordless vacuum, or protect your home from allergens with one designed to pick up pet hair.