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Bring a touch of German engineered quality and precision to your laundry routine with an AEG washer dryer. Whether you’re looking for an integrated washer dryer or a freestanding model, all our AEG washer dryers are designed to deliver the sort of speed, efficiency and dependability that you’ll really notice.

Finding the balance between speed and efficiency without risking your clothes can be a challenge – waiting for an eternity for a washing cycle to conclude can be a real pain but subjecting your laundry to high speed or high temperature washing can result in unsatisfactory or even damaging results. Our AEG washer dryers utilise ProSense technology to wash your clothes efficiently, by adjusting cycle times based on load size. Your laundry comes out perfectly clean every time, with no wear and tear from over washing.

AEG’s DualSense function is similarly effective in protecting your laundry. This clever innovation enables your washer dryer to know what you're washing and how to wash it, adjusting the movement of the drum and the temperature to suit specific fabrics. From outdoor wear to delicate items, DualSense makes sure your clothes come out the same shape and quality they went in.

AEG washer dryers like the L7WEC166R, which offers an impressive 10kg capacity, are equipped with multiple handy settings that will help to safeguard your clothes and streamline your washing routine. A built-in steam function quickly refreshes your clothes, ideal for items only worn once that don't need a full wash. Many of our AEG washer dryers even boast Woolmark Blue accreditation, which means even handwash only wool garments can be washed and dried in the machine.Explore our complete washer dryer collection to browse the latest models from all the leading brands. Be sure to take a look at our Indesit washer dryer collection and check out our Hotpoint washer dryers before you make your choice. 

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