Gaming accessories

Get the right gaming accessories

The right accessories for your gaming PC or console are the difference between a podium finish and crashing out in the first round. Grab all the gear you need to win.

What do I need for PC gaming?

A great keyboard, speedy mouse, and quality headset are all essential for PC gaming. A mechanical keyboard can really improve your game, while additional buttons on a gaming mouse let you jump to specific commands and spells in a flash. And then if you really want to upgrade your gaming setup – invest in a comfy gaming chair and get everything RGB. Rainbow lights might not improve your game, but they look amazing when everything’s synced together.

Gaming monitors are just as vital as the PC itself – to really immerse yourself pick up a 4K gaming monitor or a curved monitor.

The best PlayStation accessories

First things first – a controller. The PlayStation 5 uses the DualSense wireless controller, so if you’ve just upgraded it’s worth snapping up a second controller for that FIFA tournament. And don’t forget a headset! Pick something with surround sound if you really want to immerse yourself in that horror game or get noise-cancelling headphones and a good microphone if you love chatting to your friends online.

The best Xbox accessories

The Xbox Series S and X also use upgraded wireless controllers, but if you want extra precision the Elite controller is a great pick. You also need to pick an Xbox gaming headset – choose wired or wireless gaming headset depending on how you prefer to play, and grab something with a boom mic so you can quickly mute yourself when needed.

Nintendo Switch controllers

And when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, make sure to snap up some Joy-Con controllers. You’ll get a set of Switch controllers with your console, but if you want to play co-op with friends or race against them, you’ll need a second set (if not a third and fourth).

Get the right kit for streaming

When it comes to equipment for game streaming there are a few key things to get. A capture card is essential – it connects from your console or gaming PC and makes it possible to record your gameplay. When it comes to picking a webcam for streaming, focus on the resolution so that you’ll be clear even when you’re in the corner of the screen. Gaming late at night? Make sure you’re seen with lighting for your stream.

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