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3.5 mm jack headsets - Cheap 3.5 mm jack headset Deals | Currys Looking for a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone? Check out our collection of 3.5mm jack headsets to see the latest models from Logitech, Razer and HyperX.
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Discover our range of 3.5 mm jack headsets

If you thought the days of the traditional headphone jack were long gone, think again. While most smartphones and tablets have ditched the standard jack for a USB-C connection, it's still very much in use and very much-needed in the world of audio technology.

For a start, a quick look at our headphone jack deals will confirm just how popular 3.5 mm jacks are. If you want to buy a pair of everyday headphones, it's likely that they'll still feature this familiar port. And if you want to get into serious audio technology, you'll find that the 3.5 mm jack still reigns supreme. The same goes for headsets that are equipped with a built-in mic for handsfree calls.

Our extensive collection showcases the full breadth of the current headset market, from cutting-edge wireless models with advanced features like active noise cancellation to affordable entry-level options that do all the basics beautifully. Whatever your budget or style, we're confident you'll find a great pair of headphones in our huge range.

Of course, no one wants to be stuck with uncomfortable earbuds or bogged down by wires when they're out and about, so we're pleased to report that our collection also features an array of stylish and ergonomic 3.5 mm jack headsets that should fit any lifestyle. Featuring brands like Sony, Skullcandy and Plantronics, our range showcases an array of design features, including comfortable over-ear designs and innovative noise-cancelling technology that blocks out distracting background noise.