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   Windows 8.1 features

  Meet the new Windows

    If you haven’t bought a new computer for a while or are worried about moving from what you know, discover some of Windows 8’s great
    new features, including the Start screen and see how they can improve the way you work and play.

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Why Windows

1 Get busy

Tools to help you get work done

Get Office and you'll have the freedom to work virtually anytime, anywhere, on any device. Create documents with Office applications you know and trust, save them to the cloud, and edit and collaborate with others in real time with Office Online. Plus, multi-tasking split screens help you juggle when you need to, and Bing Smart Search helps you find the info fast no matter where it is.

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2 All the apps

The world of Windows apps

In the Windows Store you'll find the apps you love, with new ones to discover every day. And built-in apps help you do more, like the Food + Drink app that gives you a hand in the kitchen, and the Photos app that lets you edit your shots in new ways.


With the Skype app, you can call any phone quickly and easily. Make free video and voice calls with your friends and family in faraway places, and get messages delivered straight to you, no matter what you're doing.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11 taps into the power of your specific device to load sites faster and let you browse more safely. And it's designed for touch, so navigating the web is more intuitive on your phone, tablet and touch laptop.

3 Always connected

One Windows across your devices

With OneDrive, you have access to your music, films, photos, documents, settings, Windows apps and even browsing history, across your devices, with 15 GB of free storage. That's enough for roughly 255 hours of music, 20,000 Word documents or 300,000 photos. In other words, it's a lot.

You can use the same Microsoft Account on every device. This means you only need to remember one user ID and password, and your favourites and settings will automatically follow you from one device to the next.

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