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Bigger inside,

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The perfect fridge freezers

Samsung’s new Fridge Freezers have a host of unique features to maximise space, as well as superior Digital Inverter Technology to improve energy efficiency.

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Only available on selected home appliances.Registration required within 90 days of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

Maximise your storage space

SpaceMax Technology

Samsung’s SpaceMax technology uses thinner wall insulation to give a maximum of 373 litres of capacity - enough to fit a entire family shop. This gives the same space outside with more space inside.

Keep a consistent temperature

Digital Invertor Compressor

At the heart of these refrigerators is a Digital Inverter Compressor that intelligently varies its power and running speed according to how much cooling is needed. Unlike a conventional compressor, this one doesn’t stop and start abruptly, so it consumes less energy, and there’s less noise and wear and tear – so it lasts longer, as its 10-year warranty proves.

No need to defrost

No Frost

Save hassle with No Frost. It makes sure there’s no build-up of unwanted ice in the freezer, and maintains a more even temperature.

Enjoy fresh water instantly

Water Dispenser*

Enjoy the convenience of an external water dispenser with no protruding elements – the slim dispenser is inset to maintain the refrigerator’s sleek surface. It’s so attractive you’ll want to raise a glass of chilled water to its sophisticated style.

*only available on selected models

Five Year Warranty

With a free five year warranty on parts and labour you can feel confident your new machine is built to last.

Only available on selected home appliances. Registration required within 90 days of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

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Samsung's space-maximising, energy-efficient Fridge Freezers

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