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Christmas 2015 - A&I - What is a self cleaning oven and how can it save you time?

What is a self cleaning oven and how can it save you time?

Cleaning the oven is the household cleaning task people dislike most, according to Mintel. 

So why not wave goodbye to the grease, grime and scrubbing pads with an oven that pretty much cleans itself? A pyrolytic self-cleaning oven boasts clever tech that means their insides will need no more than a wipe-down.

A self-cleaning oven can:

  • Save you time - wouldn't you rather be out doing something you enjoy in your spare time rather than cleaning the oven?
  • Save you money on scouring pads and oven cleaner - a self-cleaning oven means you will buy fewer cleaning products

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Catalytic ovens

Catalytic ovens have special liners that help stop grease and grime building up. These absorb the dirt as you cook, but they don’t last forever and will need replacing after 3 to 6 months.  Replacement liners are available from most manufacturers. 

Pyrolytic ovens 

The pyrolytic system makes cleaning effortless. Simply switch the oven to the self-cleaning mode and get on with your day. Once it's finished, wipe away the ash and you're good to go. 

Its insides are heated to as much as 500 degrees, reducing grease, spills and scraps of dried-on food to a pile of ash. This can then be simply swept away and wiped with a cloth. It only works with electric ovens though.

The oven's exterior maintains a far lower temperature, and its door is automatically locked with an inbuilt safety lock.

It'll take roughly a couple of hours, and you cannot cook at the same time. You'll still need to clean the glass door manually though - as well as your oven racks.

While this type of self-cleaning does use more energy, you actually end up saving energy in the long run because the system requires high levels of insulation - making your oven more efficient than standard ovens. You'll also save on oven cleaning products or the expense of professional cleaning.


  • Cleans the whole inside of the oven
  • More energy-efficient


  • You cannot use the oven during cleaning

The pyrolytic ovens we love - Bosch HBA63R252B external link



This Bosch self-cleaning oven uses a 3D HotAir system to ensure the entire 63-litre cooking space is heated evenly. This means that all three shelves get a uniform temperature, so there's no need to swap food around mid-way through cooking. If you're only cooking on one shelf, the Eco setting of the HotAir system lets you focus all the heat in just that area. This can help to reduce your energy bills.

It's easy getting food of all shapes and sizes in and out of this oven. Using the telescopic FlexiRails, you can adjust the shelves to accomodate the biggest of roasts.

Or if you're looking for to spend less ...



Along with its pyrolytic self-cleaning function, this Zanussi ZOP37902BA external link gives you a huge 74 litre capacity and five shelves to cater to all your dinner party needs. It's also got a timer that turns the oven off after the cooking time has elapsed so your food doesn't get overcooked if you get called away at the last minute.

Or if you want a freestanding oven...



This Smeg SUK61PX8 60 external link gives you a large 70-litre cooking space and five shelves - enough for even the hungriest family. There's also a full-width grill for versatile cookery.



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