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CES 2015 - The most awesome TVs from OLED to 4k

CES 2015: The most awesome TVs – from 4K to OLED


Most of the TVs on show this year boast either super-high resolution 4K UHD or OLED screens. This allows for a picture quality that's much sharper and realistic than existing HD televisions.

Here's our round up of the top TVs of the show.


In a nutshell: 4K UHD TV offers a picture 4 times as sharp as full HD, boasting 8 million pixels. It's widely regarded as the successor to HD TV

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Quantum dots and 4K UHD - perfect partners

Quantum dots are being used in 4K TVs by Samsung and LG. These tiny nano-crystals attach to a TV's LED backlighting to give a brighter picture and greater number of colours - they produce a spectacular image hitherto only achievable with an OLED TV, but at a fraction of the cost.

Samsung SUHD TVs

Samsung has been pioneering 4K UHD technology since CES 2013.
This year, they launched SUHD TVs, which combine the ultra-high resolution of 4K with quantum dots.  They've not revealed what the S stands for yet (and we're told it's not Samsung), but the UHD stands for Ultra High Definition.

As well as having 4 times sharper resolution, they boast better contrast, brightness and more accurate colour reproduction.


Samsung says they offer 'much darker blacks' - the industry baseline for contrast and colour reproduction - and a picture 2.5 times brighter than a conventional TV. The sets will feature screen size from 48 to 88 inches.



The one we love: The flagship JS9500 offers deeper blacks and brighter whites than others in the range


LG also announced a series of 4K UHD TVs. One of these - the UF9500 - features a form of quantum dot technology that gives an even sharper picture.
LG says this will give 30% better colour accuracy than regular LCD TVs.


Sony 4K UHD TVs

If you want a TV that's super thin as well as super sharp, Sony's new flagship 4K is worth a look. The XBR-X900C is just 4.9mm thin, and Sony claim it's the world's thinnest LCD TV.

It also features an almost frameless edge-to-edge picture. Sony called the TV 'its showstopper'.

Contrast, quality and colour are improved regardless of whether you're watching 4K, live TV or streamed content, thanks to Sony's X1 processor.

More 4K films and TV shows coming soon

In a nutshell: Netflix, Warner Brothers and Disney get together with TV manufacturers to bring you even more 4K content to watch 

You'll get the best from your 4K TV when you watch movies and TV shows filmed at the 4K resolution. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube are adding more 4K content, and there will be 4K video packs from Samsung and Sony.

 Sony, Samsung, LG and Sharp are working together with Disney, Warner Bros and Netflix to form the UHD Alliance, which is dedicated to increasing the number of 4K movies and TV shows available to you.

What can I watch on my 4K TV?



In a nutshell: OLED TVs offer a high contrast ratio - the difference between how light and dark your screen can go. OLED screens provide rich blacks and bright whites, meaning the image looks more realistic, vibrant and colourful. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode - they do not need a backlight, so can be as thin as a pencil.




LG launches 4K OLED TVs

LG has combined both OLED and 4K UHD in a single range of TVs, unveiled at CES 2014.

The 4K OLED TVs are available in curved and flat-screen models, and range in size from 55 to 77 inches - ideal sizes for most living rooms.

The one we love: Want a TV that makes a style statement? The 65 inch Floating Art Slim TV is available in both flat screen and curved and appears as though it's floating thanks to its transparent stand


Smart TVs

In a nutshell: Smart TVs connect to the internet so you can stream Netflix and iPlayer through your TV. Samsung, Sony and LG have announced new Smart TV platforms- each of which helps you load apps, change channels and connect devices. Here's how they measure up. 

Samsung - With Samsung's Tizen OS you can easily connect your TV to your smartphone or tablet. You can also stream PlayStation 3 games straight to your TV using the PlayStation Now app - even if you don't have a console.  

LG - With LG's WebOS 2.0 it is easy to find everything from Netflix and YouTube to live TV. It boasts simple sliding card controls, fast operation and support for 4K streaming. 

Sony - Sony's 2015's smart TVs run on Google's new Android TV platform. Sony says you can use your TV with the interface you're familiar with on your phone or tablet'.


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