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Buying Guides 2015 – Floorcare Carpet Washers

Carpet Washers

Carpet washers clean your carpets using a detergent cleaning solution. Using a carpet washer helps to reduce the appearance of stains and break down ground-in and embedded dirt that builds up in the carpet pile. Using a carpet washer can leave your carpets up to ten times cleaner than vacuuming, and can be dry enough to walk on in two to three hours.

Carpet washers can be large full size or portable, allowing you to choose a carpet washer to suit your needs. Full size cleaners are suitable for cleaning larger areas such as rooms, hallways and rugs. Portable deep cleaners are smaller, and are adept at cleaning small stains and spills, ideal for those with small children or pets.


The performance of carpet cleaners is measured in watts (W). The higher the wattage of the carpet cleaner, the more powerful it will be. This means that it will have more power to extract dirt from your carpets for a deep clean.

The higher performance models can include a motorised brush which helps to loosen ground-in dirt.

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Capacity is measured in litres (l). Carpet cleaners have both clean and dirty water capacities as the water is separated during use. The clean water tank holds the clean water that is used to clean the carpet. The dirty water tank holds the water and dirt particles taken up from the carpet. The clean water capacity is often larger than the dirty water capacity, as dirt particles from the wash fill up space in the dirty water compartment.

The larger the tank size, the larger the area you can clean without having to change the water.


A heating function maintains the temperature of heated water in the carpet cleaner, making it easier to break down dirt and grime in your carpets so you can enjoy excellent results.

Not all models have a heat function.


The width of the carpet cleaner determines how much of the floor will be cleaned as you use it. Wider machines mean that more of the carpet will be cleaned with each sweep, so it will take less time to clean the room.

Some machines also allow you to clean all the way up to the skirting board, so you can clean your room edge-to-edge.


Carpet cleaners require detergent to be able to clean your carpet. Most brands recommend a solution to be used with their carpet cleaner. The instructions will tell you how much solution is needed, and how many times you will need to go over each section of carpet for clean and even results. Some solutions are specially formulated to remove stains from your carpets.

Some detergents and solutions not only help to clean dirt out of your carpet but also help to protect your carpet, making them less prone to staining. Check which solutions your carpet cleaner recommends using for the best results.

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Many carpet washers come with tools and attachments which allow you to clean other items such as stairs and upholstery. Accessories can include hoses, nozzles and brushes that make cleaning your carpets easier as you can get to hard to reach places or scrub stubborn stains. Brushes can be used for cleaning upholstery, dealing with stained spots and shampooing carpet pile.

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