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Buying Guides 2015 – Dishwasher Integrated

Integrated dishwashers

Give your kitchen a dedicated washing up appliance by installing an integrated dishwasher. While it will be fixed into your kitchen furniture, you can position it near the sink to make loading easier and plumbing more straightforward. Integrated dishwashers are fully concealed behind a fascia that matches your kitchen furniture for a smooth, seamless appearance. Semi-integrated models are also available – they’re partially concealed, but the control panel is visible and directly accessible for convenience.

Size and place settings

Integrated dishwashers come in two sizes dictated by width: full size (60 cm) and slimline (45 cm). Capacity is measured in place settings, the maximum number of plates and eating utensils that can be cleaned at once. For example, a dishwasher with 12 place settings can hold 12 dinner plates, soup plates, side plates, teacups, saucers and tumblers, and 12 knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons. Place settings range from 6 to 14 and exclude odd-sized items like serving dishes, saucepans and utensils).

Full size dishwashers

Full size integrated dishwashers are up to 60 cm wide and clean more at once, with smaller models offering 12 place settings, and larger ones with 13 to 15 place settings that accommodate more than 150 items. They're ideal if you have a large family or entertain regularly, and are best for water and energy efficiency.

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Slimline dishwashers

Slimline integrated dishwashers measure up to 45 cm in width and hold 90 to 100 items - a good choice when kitchen space is at a premium. While they're 15 cm slimmer than full-sized machines, they are still capable of washing nine or 10 place settings.

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Things to consider

Water consumption

We have dishwashers that consume between 6 and 15 litres per cycle. In comparison, washing by hand can use an average of 49 litres - so using a dishwasher saves money on your household bills and reduces your environmental impact.


Dishwashers with lower noise levels are ideal for open plan kitchens, smaller homes and general domestic peace. Our range features models with noise levels that vary from 38 to 55 dB(A).

Energy rating

Our dishwashers are rated from A to A+++ depending on their electricity and water consumption. The most energy efficient machines can cost as little as 37p per cycle to run.

Latest technology

New dishwasher technology helps make life easier. Some are fully automatic, giving you the most energy efficient wash at the touch of one button - others use steam technology to tackle stubborn dirt and stains.

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