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Buying Guides 2015 – Dishwasher Before You Buy

Before you buy a dishwasher

Buying a new dishwasher isn't just about picking the features and design you prefer, there are several important factors to check before you make your purchase.

For integrated models, it's essential to make sure your new dishwasher fits the space you want to install it in. You'll also need to make sure the appliance can be connected to water inlets and evacuation outlets, and that it can receive power easily.

This handy checklist will help you cover these important points so that you can get the most out of your new dishwasher.

Things to consider before you buy a dishwasher


Every appliance needs to fit your home properly. Before you decide on your new dishwasher, make sure to measure the intended installation space against appliance dimensions - while the width and height of many dishwashers are similar, their depth can often vary.


You're going to need an electrical power socket, inlet pipe and waste connection for your dishwasher to work, so make sure you have all of these close to your allotted space. The electricity socket should be no more than 1 metre from either side of where the dishwasher is to be positioned.


It's now a legal requirement to recycle your old appliances. Consider what you want to do with your old machine and don't forget, we can take it away and recycle it for you when we deliver your new one.

Inlet pipe

Most new dishwashers are fed by cold water, so you won't have to worry about having a hot water inlet pipe for your appliance to perform properly. However, it's best to check how your specific model operates. Many appliances feature programmes that adapt the cycle to heat the water accordingly.

Waste water

Waste and water inlet and outlet pipes are essential to dishwashers, so make sure there's plenty of space to accommodate these, and that they're in the most convenient position possible. Think about the depth of the machine to ensure that its total size will fit where you want to position it.

Your waste connection and inlet pipe should be no more than 50 cm from either side of where the dishwasher is to be positioned.

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