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4ktv - where to watch

4K UHD TV: What Can I Watch?

4K Ultra HD TV is four times sharper than your current HD set - but what can you currently watch in this new razor-sharp format?
Read on for details of 4K streaming services and movie packs from Samsung and Sony.

What is 4K?

4K TV offers a picture that's four times sharper than that of full-HD - instead of 2 million pixels you get 8 million. More pixels deliver much greater detail, faster contrast rates and more colours.

Samsung and Sony are spearheading the 4K revolution, with smaller, cheaper sets and more ways to watch 4K content.
Here we round up on what you can currently watch on your 4K TV.


Netflix TV
(Credit: Netflix)

Online streaming giant Netflix is at the forefront of the 4K revolution - with two of the biggest shows of our time.

At CES 2014 it announced plans to stream content in 4K and has already made House of Cards available in the eye-popping resolution.

Multi-award-winning Breaking Bad is also streaming in 4K. The show - which has become a full-blown cultural phenomenon - has been re-mastered by Sony in 4K.

What's more, any future Netflix-produced shows will be shot in 4K. The next series of hit prison drama Orange is the New Black being among them.

Big-budget historical epic Marco Polo will also get the 4K treatment - just imagine the sprawling landscapes and battle scenes seen through 8 million pixels?

Here's what you need: A 4K TV, a good internet connection of around 25 Mbps and a plan that supports 4K streaming.

Sony 4K Privilege

With Sony 4K Privilege you get some choice movies in 4K to watch on your new TV.

It's a hard drive that comes free with select Sony Bravia 4K TVs - and it's packed with movies remastered in the super-sharp format.

The 500GB USB hard drive has a choice of 10 movies, each of which you can preview. But you can only unlock five movies in full, so make sure you know which ones you want before unlocking.

The titles on the original release are Battle: Los Angeles, Captain Phillips, Ghostbusters, Moneyball, Premium Rush, Salt, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Patriot and Total Recall.

We think Spider-Man and Total Recall will look pretty breathtaking at 4 times sharper than full HD. 

 Samsung UHD video pack

Samsung Curved 4K Leaping From Building


Samsung is another pioneer of 4K UHD and has been at the forefront since launching its first 4K TVs at CES 2013.
It now gives us something to watch on those super-sharp TV sets with an add-on hard drive packed with 4K goodies.

The UHD Pack comes free with certain Samsung TVs and can also be purchased separately. It's packed with movies and documentaries chosen to showcase the best of 4K, including:

  • The Counsellor: A high-adrenaline thriller from Ridley Scott, starring Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt.
  • The Life of Pi: This Ang Lee film tells the story of a survivor from a disaster at sea - and his relationship with a Bengal tiger who also survived.
  • World War Z: Join Brad Pitt as he fights a zombie pandemic threatening to take over the world.

The drive simply plugs into your Samsung 4K TV via its USB port. It also includes 13 documentaries, including ones showcasing the Grand Canyon and the Khumbu Valley in Nepal.


Video-sharing phenomenon YouTube is ready for the 4K revolution.

It was actually one of the earliest adopters of the technology, supporting the content since 2010.

But as 4K TV sets and content are becoming more commonplace, it's expecting more video to be uploaded in the format.

If you have a supporting device or TV, you can now go into YouTube's streaming settings (the little cog in the bottom right corner) and select '2160p 4K' in the quality menu.

Not all videos will have this option and even the ones that do might not be obviously marked, but there's likely to be a lot more content over the coming months.

A number of TV companies have their own 4K YouTube channels where you can see what all the fuss is about.

Don't forget - regular HD content is up-scaled too

The above options for native 4K content show that 4K UHD is here to stay, with the number of services growing all the time.

However, it's also worth mentioning that 4K TVs give content shot in regular HD a serious picture quality upgrade. The sets are designed to upscale regular content to near 4K quality.

Samsung chief Andy Griffiths explained: "The great thing about the screens is they upscale content on your TV. So you can genuinely enjoy the benefits of 4K Ultra HD whatever you're feeding in to the panel."

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