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Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright Vacuums

Uprights are best for cleaning homes that predominantly feature carpet, as a brush combs the carpet pile to lift trodden in dirt. Uprights may be more suitable for those with lower back pain, as less bending down is required than with cylinders and some models are extremely manoeuvrable with easy steering.

Upright vacuum cleaners usually have a larger capacity than other cleaners, so you don't need to empty them as often, and some are specially designed to deal with lifting stubborn pet hair from carpets.

Bagged Vs Bagless

The majority of upright vacuums are now bagless as the bin is much easier to remove and replace than fitting a new bag.

Bagged uprights tend to have a larger capacity, collecting dust and dirt in a bag, which should be disposed of when full and replaced. Some bags seal the dust away for cleaner disposal whilst some bagless uprights use powerful cyclone technology to remove bacteria and allergens from the airflow and trap dirt in a chamber. These models are better for asthmas and allergy sufferers. Bagless uprights are cost effective and kinder to the environment, as you don't have to replace bags which reduce the suction power as the bag fills.

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The greatest cleaning power is provided by 'no loss of suction' (NLOS) technology, which uses multi-cyclonic action to prevent the filter from clogging, keeping the suction power at its maximum.

New EU energy legislation introduced on all new corded vacuums from September 1st 2014 rates each vacuum on it's performance at picking up dirt from both carpets and hard floors. A rating from A to G is given and the higher the letter, the better the performance. A low rating doesn't mean the vacuum performs poorly, in fact it could still perform better than your current vacuum!


Pet hair can not only be difficult to remove from your carpets and other areas around your house but also leave odours. Some uprights are Pet models, which are specially designed to lift hair and fluff from surfaces. These use a combination of high speed brush bars, which pull pet hair from carpet pile, and strong suction power.

They can also include accessories which can be used to lift obstinate pet hairs from your upholstery. These are known as mini turbo tools, and feature brushes that help to lift and remove pet hair without damaging your furniture.


Many Upright vacuums are designed to be easy to steer and manoeuvre around the home with specialist technology per manufacturer.

Upright vacuum cleaners weigh between 1 kg to 9.5 kg, so it can be important to consider where you will be using your vacuum cleaner. Heavier vacuum cleaners can be difficult to carry up and down stairs, so it may be important to consider a lighter model if this is a requirement. Uprights are not so well suited to cleaning stairs without using special tools.


The dust capacity of vacuum cleaners is measured in litres (l), ranging between 1 and 4 litres. Larger capacity cleaners can clean more of your home before needing to be emptied, so you don't need to empty the container as often. These are ideal for larger homes with more substantial areas to clean (Or if you just fancy emptying less often!)

But larger capacities can also mean a larger vacuum cleaner. If you prefer a smaller vacuum cleaner, it may be necessary to find a balance between capacity and size that suits your needs.

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To allow you to clean throughout your home, many upright vacuum cleaners include a variety of tools that are designed for specific jobs. Many uprights include a crevice tool that allows cleaning of hard to reach spaces such as behind and between furniture and kitchen appliances. Upholstery tools can be used to vacuum furniture such as seats and sofas, whilst dusting brushes allow delicate cleaning of surfaces using soft bristles.

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