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Bridge Cameras

Bridge Cameras

Bridge cameras offer enhanced optical zoom, ideal for taking close-up photos of subjects you would usually be quite far away from, such as wildlife and sporting events. They feature built-in lenses which generally encompass a wide range of zoom and focal lengths.

Due to their vast zoom range, the majority of bridge cameras feature built-in image stabilisation to keep your photographs as sharp as possible. As bridge camera lenses need to be larger to allow for this extended zoom, the camera itself is much bigger than a compact camera - but many models are still lightweight and compact enough for travel and on-the-go use.

Electronic viewfinders feature on bridge cameras too, allowing you to perfectly frame your shot – even in bright sunlight. Sensor sizes can vary between bridge cameras - some offer smaller CCD sensors while others feature CMOS sensors for better image quality.

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Image Quality

Image quality from bridge cameras is determined by two main factors: sensor size and lens brightness. Bridge cameras can feature either a CCD or a CMOS sensor. CCD sensors are often found in basic bridge cameras, while CMOS sensors increasingly mirror the capabilities of sensors used in many DSLRs and compact system cameras. Their excellent light-capturing properties result in more detailed, high quality images.

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